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The Ceremony

What You Need to Know About Planning Your Ceremony

The Bar Mitzvah Ceremony - An Introduction
Use this comprehensive overview as a starting point for your ceremony preparations.
The Aliyah
The Torah Call-Up
Discover everything you need to know about being called up to the Torah. Videos, a step-by-step guide, and our interactive Blessing Trainer will help you prepare.
Learn to Read Torah and Haftarah With Trope (Audio)
Chant the aliyah blessings, Torah portion and haftarah like a pro!
Bar Mitzvah Honoree List
Who will you honor at your ceremony? There are many opportunities.
Bar Mitzvah Project: What's Your Mitzvah?
Learn what a Mitzvah Project involves and find some practical suggestions.
Rethinking Bar/Bat Mitzvah
Aside from the lavish parties, there are many ways we can infuse this milestone with relevance.
The Synagogue
Explore each part of the synagogue with this user-friendly wizard.
Insights on the Synagogue
Who invented the synagogue? Will it ever go virtual? Answers to all your synagogue related queries.
Audio and Video about the Synagogue
A selection of audio and video features about the synagogue, prayer, Torah scrolls, kaddish, and more.
What to Expect at a Bar Mitzvah
The bar mitzvah ceremony celebrates a Jewish boy’s 13th birthday (on the Hebrew calendar) and his elevation to adult status in Judaism.
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