Hey, is red bull kosher?

I would ask my dad, but if he knew I was staying up later, he would give me an even earlier curfew so I would get more sleep.


Thanks for your question.

Technically, the drink Red Bull (or any of its spin-offs) can be kosher. All the ingredients - taurine, glucuronolactone, caffeine, sugar and vitamins can all be manufactured according to the kosher dietary laws. Therefore if you are going to drink Red Bull, make sure it has a seal of rabbinical supervision.1

But hold on: You didn't ask me if withholding sleep from your precious body is kosher. After all, you didn't make that amazing body, so it doesn't belong to you. It's just on loan, entrusted into your hands by its Creator.2

So even though you didn't ask me, I've got to ask you: Are you sure you're giving that body the care that one of G‑d's most amazing creations deserves?

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