it's hard to believe
it'll one day be me
they'll file in
with tissues and silenced Blackberries
ye beloved friends and family

how strange will it be
when i know that it's me
off into wild blue yonder
this oft mentioned eternity

this me would be
in the furthest back row
with madly buzzing Blackberry
because someone at home wants
ice cubes, to make a Slushee

because there's an eye cream
new! on the market!
erasing all dark circles
or do they go to another place
(like, now, me)

it's hard to believe
it'll one day be me

this me would go for pizza
before or right after
meditating the afterlife over raspberry Snapple
absently counting the p's on the bottle
then, squaring my shoulders,
likely write a poem

i might drag my feet for a minute — or month
because these things are big, you know
and who can say what crossing over
feels or looks like

...until then

this me would extend my arms
share a word of comfort
writhing in my wrong-for-the-cemetery boots
later complaining what was i thinking, crazy me

i'd only stay on if it was my time
not with the boots, of course
but footprints on the sands of time

it's hard to believe
it'll one day be me
enjoined in that great cosmic mystery

this me would say L'chaim
in honor of the dear departed
and arrange cookies on a pretty plate
musing why so little confectionary sugar
and, wow, this one looks like a keeper

i would wish them well
head on home
jumping back into my life - a jubilant tapestry
doing another good deed
in memory of he or she

though pondering, at times,
this great mystery,
going on my way
when it's finally meant to be

it's hard to believe
it'll me one day be
'til then I bless my time
being not the other me

each hour, each day
in this gift
of 'to be'