The difficult and complex concepts and doctrines of Jewish Mysticism are all-pervasive in Chassidism. This fact, however, must not deter either the teaching or the learning of it. There is a unique merit, an objectively purifying, edifying and invigorating effect, in the very perusal of these sacred texts, as with Torah in general, even if they are difficult to understand and sometimes not comprehended.

This objective and independent potency makes it possible for all to become involved with Pnimiyut haTorah (the "inner" aspects of the Torah). The significance thereof is far-reaching, in view of the fact that the precept of Talmud Torah (Torah-study) is all-comprehensive, demanding that each and everyone study Torah to the best of his abilities and the utmost of his capacities - on all four levels of the Torah: Peshat (simple meaning), Remez (allusion), Derush (hermeneutics), and Sod (esoterics; mysticism). The possibility of involvement with Pnimiyut haTorah, therefore, implies of itself obligation of involvement.

The advent of R. Israel Baal Shem Tov, who revealed and disseminated Pnimiyut haTorah in the form and modes of Darkey haChassidut (the ways and practices of Chassidism) and Torat haChassidut (the teachings of Chassidism), lent special impetus to the aforementioned. In the famous epistle addressed to his brother-in-law, R. Abraham Gershon of Kotov, the Baal Shem Tov recalls a wondrous experience:

"On Rosh Hashanah 5507 (1746) I performed the evocation of aliyat haneshamah (ascent of the soul to celestial spheres).... I saw wondrous things in a vision as I had not seen heretofore since the day I reached maturity. It is impossible to relate and tell, even face to face, what I saw and learned when I ascended there.

"....I ascended level after level until I reached the palace of the Messiah, where the Messiah studies Torah with all the Tannaim (teachers of the Mishnah) and the Tzadikim (righteous people), and also the Seven Shepherds ..... I asked the Messiah: 'When will the master come [to redeem Israel]?' And he answered:

"By this you shall know it: when your teachings will become renowned and will be revealed throughout the world, and 'your wellsprings will be dispersed chutzah (abroad; externally)'... then the kelipot will perish and it will be a time of propitiousness and deliverance..."

R. Moshe Chaim Ephraim of Sudylkov, the Baal Shem Tov's grandson and disciple, refers to this letter in his writings and adds:"This [reply of the Messiah] seems alluded in the verse 'And the children of Israel went out [of Egypt] beyad ramah (with uplifted hand; Exodus 14:8). [Targum Onkelos renders the translation of beyad ramah] bereish galey (openly). Bereish is an acronym for R. Israel Baal Shem, and the word galey alludes to the time when his teachings shall be revealed and his wellsprings will be dispersed; that is when [Israel] shall come out of exile."