There is none else beside Him (4:36)

Rabbi Binyomin Kletzker, a Chabad chassid and disciple of Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, was a lumber merchant. One year, while he was adding up the annual accounts, he inadvertently filled in under a column of figures: TOTAL: Ein od milvado ("There is none else beside Him").

Upon hearing of Reb Binyomin's "Chabadian slip," a fellow chassid berated him for his absentmindedness. "Don't you know, Reb Binyomin, that everything has its time and place?" he admonished. "There's a time for chassidic philosophizing, and a time to engage in worldly matters. A person's business dealings are also an important part of his service of the Almighty and must be properly attended to."

Said Reb Binyomin: "We consider it perfectly natural if, during prayer, one's mind wanders off to the fair in Leipzig. So what's so terrible if, when involved in business, a machshovo zarah ('alien thought') regarding the unity of G‑d infiltrates the mind?"