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Chassidic Thought

Four thousand years of Jewish wisdom in practical application for today’s lifestyles. Meditations, dialogues, classic texts and contemporary works, sci-fi/fantasy and one-minute animations—a feast of diverse treats for the hungry spiritual seeker.

Ideas that power the Chabad mind
A growing collection of essays on the most central themes of Chabad thought, along with their practical applications. Read and comment—and tell us what more you're interested in knowing.
Comprehensive, in-depth treatments of an array of subjects and issues by Chassidic scholars and professionals
Insights & Readings
Objects and ideas, from everyday to the esoteric, are held up and examined in the light of Chassidic teaching in this series of short articles
Marriage, Children, Shabbat, Freedom, Prayer... Each of these anthologies explore a particular topic with a cross-section of articles, essays, stories and images, culled from the thousands of documents in our library
Research & Scholarship
Studies in Chabad Thought and History