We all have a choice between widely separated alternatives. We can like ourselves or hate ourselves. We can lift ourselves up or put ourselves down. We can be for ourselves or against ourselves. Actions, attitudes and thinking determine the direction of our choices. - Easy Does It, Oct. 12

I like this quote a lot. It reminds me that I am not just a victim of circumstances; that I can decide what my life will be like. There was a time when I was more comfortable just wallowing in the complaints and negatives — when it was easier just to take it all, and use it as an excuse for my behavior.

These days, though, I like having the understanding that there is a lot that is up to me. I can take the same lemons and make lemonade out of them, instead of complaining about their bitterness. I can make good out of the bad, or rather, I can see the good in every situation, instead of viewing it as "all bad."

Everything that happens in my life is there for a reason. Everything is there to challenge me to grow — to develop, to learn, to help others. There is no "bad", per say, when I can recognize that my Higher Power put it there for me; for some reason, some purpose. I recognize that ultimately, He only has my good in mind — my best in mind. What happens in my life is there in order to enhance my soul and achieve its purpose in this world. That's a far cry from kvetching and complaining, and just wallowing in the pity pot of "poor me."

So what can I do with all of this today? I can look at things differently, I can have a positive attitude (even an 'attitude of gratitude'), and I can choose the right path and good decisions and actions.

Just thinking this way gives me the "oomph" and the "push" to get going and get doing. Sounds like a plan — a good one, in fact.