"Elokim spoke to Moshe and said to him, "I am Havaya. I appeared to [your ancestors] but [with] My name Havaya I did not become known to them. Say to the children of Israel, 'I am Havaya’; I will take you to Me as a people, and I will be Elokim to you, and you will know that I am Havaya your Elokim" (Ex. 6:2-7)

The two primary names for the Creator are: 'Elokim' and 'Havaya' (the four-letter Name]. In the above opening verses of Vaera, Moshe hears "I am Havaya," "I will be to you Elokim," and that "I am Havaya your Elokim."

So there are three revelations:

  1. Havaya
  2. Elokim
  3. Havaya is Elokim

Elokim’ is the manifestation of the Divine as the Creator...

Elokim’ is the manifestation of the Divine as the Creator of heaven and earth. The Hebrew word Ha’Teva /nature has the same numerical value as the name Elokim.

Havaya’ (the Yud-Hey-Vav-Hey Divine Name) represents the Infinite, the transcendent Divine that is beyond nature. The four letters that comprise the name Havaya, when rearranged, can spell the Hebrew words for past, present and future, as Havaya is the aspect of Transcendence beyond time.

We sense Elokim in our lives when we feel guided. When the details of our lives come together, we feel the interconnectedness of things, and we sense purpose.

We are aware of Havaya in our lives when we feel as if something miraculous and extraordinary has occurred to us.

The third awareness is the unity between both these Names. This is the awareness that Elokim is Havaya. In fact, numeric value of Elokim is the same numeric value of the words Kli Havaya / the vessel of Havaya.

To see that Elokim is Havaya is to live as a child...

We sense that Elokim is Havaya when we live with the recognition that every moment of life is truly a miracle, and nothing is expected or routine. To see that Elokim is Havaya is to live as a child, with a sense of wonderment and amazement at every moment. Experientially, these three can be expressed as:

  1. Elokim - Feeling Purpose and Guided
  2. Havaya - Sensing the Extraordinary
  3. Havaya is Elokim - Nothing is Ordinary

At this place of deep awareness, we recognize that there is no fundamental distinction between what we call "nature’ and what we term "miracles." Both are mere expressions. Some events manifest as Elokim and some as Havaya, but there is only One Source to the various manifestations; "You will know that I am Havaya your Elokim."

To see that the natural is one and the same as the miracle, is to believe in the miraculous—is to create the miraculous! When we believe in the possibility of a new reality, even one that seems beyond the realm of natural possibility, our conviction itself stimulates this new reality.

So, when we live our lives with this awareness we open ourselves to draw miracles down into our reality.

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