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Destiny and Free Choice

The Power of Our Freewill
Our ability to choose enables us to be partners with G-d in Creation.
Soul Mates
Soul Mates
Kabbalah teaches that a soul's heavenly source has male and female halves.
Betrothal: Uniting Two Souls
Two Lights - Betrothal and Marriage
The Rectification of Pharaoh
Pharaoh’s loss of free choice
Opening Closed Doors
Deep within, Pharaoh always had the ability to repent, yet he didn't
Shadows and Soul Mates
The Zohar teaches that souls descend from their root above in order to rectify below.
Awaking in the Garden of Eden
The Zohar teaches that one who binds to the Torah connects to life itself.
Great Crocodile of the Nile
Pharaoh represented the source of all spiritual impurity
Why was Pharaoh Punished?
Wasn’t it G-d who “Hardened Pharaoh’s Heart”?
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