Is Kabbalah an area of deep mystical study?
Is it a system of contemplative meditations?
Is it an ancient storehouse of magical manipulations of nature?
Read all about it in our lead article this week

The 2nd article presents insights for the 3rd chapter of Pirkei Avot (the Mishnaic tractate of 'Ethical Principles'),
of which we study one chapter each Shabbat until Shavuot (and many repeat the cycle through the last Shabbat before Rosh Hashana).

Articles 3-5 are for the double Weekly Reading: one for each and one for the combination,
while #7 is a wild chasidic story also relevant relevant to a main theme of both Readings.

The little known biblical holiday of Pesach Sheini is the subject of our sixth article,
which this year takes place on Sunday of next week. Did you save some matza!

Next week: Special Lag b'Omer ("Zohar Day") edition

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