On the 1st of Nisan, 2449, Moses erected the Tabernacle according to G‑d’s instructions. As mentioned previously, one of the Tabernacle’s furnishings was the Inner Altar, on which was burned a daily offering of incense.
וַיַּקְטֵר עָלָיו קְטֹרֶת סַמִּים כַּאֲשֶׁר צִוָּה ה' אֶת מֹשֶׁה: (שמות מ:כז)
[Moses] burned an incense offering on [the Inner Altar], as G‑d had commanded him. Exodus 40:27

One of the ingredients of the incense was galbanum. Because of its foul smell, this herb alludes to the wrongdoers of our people. The fact that galbanum was an essential component of the incense teaches us that all Jews are an essential part of the Jewish nation, even if their behavior is sometimes inappropriate.

We must therefore never exclude one of our fellow Jews from the community, even if there are aspects of their behavior that would seem to justify this. In fact, our sages teach us that any public prayer or fast from which sinners are intentionally excluded will not be effective! This is because, by virtue of their Divine souls, every Jew possesses inestimable worth and is in fact full of good deeds. Each of our unique personalities plays a crucial role in the destiny of the Jewish people and the world in general.1