Every situation we find ourselves in is a lesson waiting to be learned. That is what this blog is about. From the people I meet, the places I go and the experiences I have, stories emerge, each teaching me something that I hope you will find useful for your life as well.

As different as we are, we are very much the same. Just as we all have joys, successes and accomplishments that help define us, we likewise have fears, insecurities and weaknesses that hold us back from who we could become.

Even though this blog is somewhat one directional in that I am the one posting, I hope that through your feedback and comments this will become a dialogue, where you will likewise share your life with me. Because the only way we can grow is when we are willing to take a good look in the mirror and a good look at the world around us and figure out what we are supposed to learn from what we see.

So thank you for joining me on this journey as I explore with you the lessons I find in my day to day life.

With Gratitude,