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There are three approaches to dealing with this world:

Some remain aloof as the sun. The world benefits from their light, but they stay far beyond it all. They invest little in this world and so have little to lose.

Others wane and wax as the moon. They suffer the scars and bruises of life, delight in its offerings, thirst for its rewards and tremble at its horrors. They invest everything and risk losing it all.

True tzadikim emulate their Creator. To them, every episode of life, no matter how minor, has meaning and purpose. And yet, they remain above it all. They are the sun and the moon at once.

What is their secret? It is memory.

Even as they invest themselves within the mundane, they remember they are not the body, but the soul.

Yitro 5733:1.

From the wisdom of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, of righteous memory; words and condensation by Rabbi Tzvi Freeman. To order Rabbi Freeman’s book, Bringing Heaven Down to Earth, click here.
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Discussion (10)
May 24, 2011
I want to thank you for connecting to His wisdom and that you share.

Knowing Ecclesiastes 11:1 is true, and even if it is love that motivates (not reward), the reward is a promise and since it is written, it is for our knowing.

So thank you for sharing. His Kingdom come.

As humans we all fail at times, and we might meet tuff periodes. Meeting someone that speaks wisdom when one need it is like what proverbs 25:11 describes.

Those small sentences mailed to me each day, often strickes my heart.

A little seed grows some time before becoming a tree, takes time before visible at all. And needing time before able to give fruit, and longer before seeds and then .in the end multiply.

All thanks to him that trust people to share from His wisdom.

Mabel Butenschøn
Oslo, Norway
May 20, 2011
Better Than the Sun
What about giving the honor and the glory to the Creator of the sun, body and soul?
Why not do everything for Him only?
When we eat, because He gave us this body to nurture until He calls our soul. To work, because that is His rule, to work for our substenance and independence. To sleep and rest because He gave us the grace to rest our body so that our soul can connect to him while doing so? To Him the Glory and Honor that He deserves. He is our King of King and L-rd of L-rd above, below, and beyond the earth. HalleluYah!!!
Mesa, Arizona, USA
May 20, 2011
"In the song of the sun, we discuss the spiritual significance os solar eclipse" Do you think a solar eclipse occurs due to certain sins? "Certain periods are set aside for Divine justice." a solar eclipse?

When eclipsed the sun is still shining through. It is not completely blocked by the moon and there are shining rays coming through significant like a ray of hope. During the dark times remember to look for the small signs, which tell us Hashem is with us.

How would this relate to the body and the soul and the idea of sin? The body can get the soul into an eclipse?
m, m
July 4, 2008
Re: the body's demands
If the body needs something, then the sensible thing to do is to give that to the body. But many of us have gotten our body to the state that it wants to sleep when it should be working, work when it should be sleeping, starves itself when it should be eating and eats when it would be better off starving.
Tzvi Freeman
July 3, 2008
The body's demands
What if the body has to have X, Y, and Z, and if it doesn't get them, the body gets sick and no longer has the strength to serve?

Doesn't that mean we should pay attention to the body's needs?
July 3, 2008
Re: DOes it help?
Unfortunately no. IF the body messes up, the soul is shlepped into the mess as well. The advantage of remembering that you are the soul and not the body is that when the body starts making its demands, "I need this! I can't do that! This is not for me! Get me that!"--you can ignore the screams and weigh whether this is really needed or not, whether you really can't do that or maybe you can, whether this is for you after all and whether you really need to get whatever the body is screaming for. You take into account the needs of the soul and give those precedence over the demands of the body. That way the body doesn't mess up and the soul stays pure.
Tzvi Freeman
July 2, 2008
Does it help?
Does that mean that the soul can enter the game but can let the body take the flak, ie the body gets dirty and the soul maybe doesn't?
July 2, 2008
for Shmulie
The sun is an example of staying completely above and beyond. No big deal to stay clean when you never enter the sandbox.

But if you are going to enter the game and still want to stay above it, you need to keep in mind that the body is only a garment for the soul; it is not the real you.

Does that help?
Tzvi Freeman
July 2, 2008
And what does the sun do?
Does the sun recall that it is not the body but the soul?

Is the sun's attitude like or unlike Gd's?


More explanation needed for clarity.;
July 2, 2008
Retter than the Sun
These words are able to teach a lot.
At least, they tought me.

Only, that I am a soul and not the body,
I find difficult to believe.
In my feeling, I am only a soul after I die, when my body is put into the grave.
Now, I am both, only the soul has to reign over the body, and not the body over the soul..