Through the revelation of the unification of Havayah and E-lohim (in the manner described above) in the (Third) Beis HaMikdash — where even space (which was created from the name E-lohim) will serve as a fit vessel to accept the revelation of Havayah that transcends space — a microcosm of this revelation will be drawn down into the entire world as well. This revelation will primarily take place in [the phases of] the redemption that follow the building of the Beis HaMikdash.

The reason why the Future Redemption will be everlasting, never to be followed by exile, is because at that time, the world itself will then fit to accept to the Redemption. This [relates to the concept] explained in Likkutei Torah1 that the Third Redemption will come in the merit of Yaakov, whose trait is the attribute of truth that is not subject to change. For the true aspect of infinity (the attribute of truth) is that the lower level serve as a receptacle for it.

Similarly, the ingathering of the exiles ([which will consummate] the Redemption) will include all six directions of space, [as it is written2]:

I shall bring your progeny from the East and from the West I shall gather you. I will say to the North: “Give,” and to South: “Do not withhold.”

Bring My sons from afar and My daughters from the edge of the earth.

We may well say that the terms “from afar” and “from the edge of the earth” refer to the two directions of above and below. Moreover, it would appear that the ingathering of exiles from all six directions will be in a manner that the six directions themselves assist in this effort, as it were.3

The revelation that will be drawn down into the world at large [during the Era of Redemption] will merely resemble the revelation within the Beis HaMikdash itself, [for the supreme revelation of the fusion of the names Havayah and E-lohim will be manifest there]. Nevertheless, there is a superior quality to drawing down this revelation within the world at large. For with regard to the Beis HaMikdash, since [the Beis HaMikdash] “is not a common place,” it is not that readily apparent that the fusion of Havayah and E-lohim also results from the name E-lohim [itself]. The revelation (that the fusion also stems from the name E-lohim) comes about when the revelation [within the Beis HaMikdash] is drawn down, in microcosm, within the world at large — a “common place.”

On this basis, we can explain the superior quality of the Redemption in comparison to the Beis HaMikdash {for which reason the Redemption will follow the building of the Beis HaMik­dash, as above sec. 2}. For it will be in the Era of Redemption, that we will draw down the revelation of the Beis HaMikdash within the world, as mentioned above.