It is known1 that in the Era of the Redemption the soul will be sustained by the body. Accordingly, we may say that in the Era of the Redemption, the soul will be endowed with (not only the advantage of the additional measure of light that comes through [withstanding the challenge of] darkness, but) also the advantage that accrues from the darkness itself [being transformed into light]. Although this advantage will be manifest (primarily) in the body, the soul will receive this quality from the body.

To cite a parallel to a well-known concept,2 the ascent that is achieved by the soul through its descent below into the body and animal soul: The concealment and hiddeness that stems from the body and the animal soul arouses and reveals hidden soul powers. ([The soul, however, possessed these powers on the level of potential] prior to its descent as well. [The descent merely brings the potential into revelation.]) [The fundamental] increase and advantage [that stems from the soul’s descent] comes through the soul’s [efforts to] refine and purify the body and the animal soul. [This brings about an ascent] within the soul itself.

This concept is reflected by the verse,3 “Draw me closer, after You, we shall run.” [“Draw me close” refers to the service of the G‑dly soul; “after you, we shall run,” to the arousal of both the animal soul and the G‑dly soul.] When the [G‑dly] soul influences the animal soul to attain a love of G‑d, the animal soul’s love [is charged with intense desire, motivating it] to “run.” [And because it was the G‑dly soul which brought the animal soul to this feeling,] this degree of love is attained by the G‑dly soul as well. [Therefore, the verse states,] “we shall run,” using the plural.4 [This represents an increase for the G‑dly soul, for although it possesses an innate desire and love for G‑d, this love lacks the dynamism and energy of the love experienced by the animal soul.]

It is only that now, since the soul is the source of influence and the body is the recipient, the added advantage of the soul (which it receives from [the divine service carried out by] the body) is not complete. This state of completion will be attained in the Era of the Redemption, for at that time, the soul will be sustained by the body.