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Judaism is beautiful, no question about it. But is it true? I would like to believe so. But I will not believe for belief's sake...
Question: I've always had a problem with faith. I try to go to shul. I learn Torah. But after a while, I always get depressed because I just lose my faith that this is all real. I desperately try to regain my faith all the time but to no avail. Please hel...
A Taste of Text—Beshalach
Inspiration alone is insufficient. An awakening must be followed by action, or doubt can easily neutralize it.
Why were we not commanded simply to expel Amalek, like the other nations inhabiting the Land? Why did we have to eradicate them?
Here was a nation that had experienced the greatest miracles of all time: the ten plagues, the splitting of the Red Sea and the manna. And yet they were not impervious to the plague of doubt . . .
I don't need to worry what the will of G-d is. I just need to carry on -- and know that the will of G-d will manifest in my life – because I am ready for it.
Rabbi Infinity demonstrates how the three rules of walking the wire apply in achieving your life goals. Doubt is the enemy; focus and confidence are your allies.
Episode 1
An in depth look at real life stories and issues and how to resolve them the Torah way.
I felt it on the day before my wedding, when I became a father, before I accepted my first pulpit position and before my first public lecture... I've come to view my apprehension as an assurance that the endeavor upon which I am about to embark is worthwh...
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