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. . . and why we need to know
The big question of history is: why is there any history at all? Meaning, why is there a story, that which we call progress? How did history get its arrow?
A world pregnant with Moshiach
From the outside, you see nausea, cranky moods and a swelling belly. From the inside, you see an entire being miraculously forming—and you still have no idea how that baby’s going to make it out of there. Today, the raw facts show us a world preparing its...
Globalization & the End of Work: Lesson 1
Globalization & the End of Work
Moving forward is essential, but in order to do so we must understand where we are coming from
As in any duality, we must determine which side of the coin is dominant and which secondary: Does progress serve tradition, or does tradition serve progress?
And one man’s dedication to growth, even on his last day
Let us explore the fact that the Temple was built on a mountain, and then we can unpack its lessons.
Is it possible to go back to any period in the past? Is not the very idea of a return self-destructive in its direction?
The Torah did not abolish slavery, but it set in motion a process that would lead people to come of their own accord to the conclusion that it was wrong. How it did so is one of the wonders of history.
How the Rebbe taught us to ride the waves of modernity
No, the Rebbe did not respond to modernity—he grabbed it by its horns and harnessed it to plow his field.
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