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The Mystery of Matter, a three-part series
It’s hard to say that matter is an illusion. But maybe it just isn’t as real as we think it is.
The Mystery of Matter, a three-part series
If matter is made almost entirely of empty space, why can’t my hand go through it? The answer is more mystifying than the question, and leads to some profound implications about our reality.
The Worship of Money
In this first class of the series, Rabbi Friedman introduces and defines the general concept of idol worship before looking at specific “idols” of American society, starting with the worship of money.
Sadly, we are influenced by a society that eats not when it’s hungry, but when it’s bored. We are distracted by access, and it’s disheartening, because we are so much more than that...
Why you need a body to be spiritual
Great spiritual treasures lie hidden in the most material aspects of our world—a unique chassidic perspective on physicality.
The mitzvah of dwelling in the sukkah returns us to simpler values and simpler times.
Physical perfection in today's day and age takes on a whole new meaning in the fast paced and consumerist society we live in. It is most apparent in our everyday living; our desires and aspirations so often revolve around what we can call our own, what we...
We are, fortunately, quite successful and have always been able to give our children everything they need and want. When they were younger this never seemed to be an issue, but now that they are all tweens and teens, we are having a real problem...
Esau was understandably perturbed over losing the blessing. But why was he suddenly concerned over his birthright? He had surrendered it with barely a protest years earlier, so what changed now?
So am I eccentric? Too extreme? Maybe, but I have learned to value things and my children have learned to value things, too...
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