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Infinity Labs unveils The Otifier launching a whole new series to explore the mysteries of the Hebrew Alphabet--along with some real practical lessons.
To the Creator, there is nothing here other than His words, nothing other than G‑d telling a story to Himself.
Before we venture out of our own universe in search for life, we should perhaps begin our discussion with life on other planets in our own world. As is explained in Are human beings the only conscious beings in the universe, while there may very well be l...
Kabbalistically speaking, nothing is more powerful than speaking. Take a look inside the "peh" and you'll see the "bet" of creation.
A mystical interpretation of the word-lovers' game
I'm convinced that the game of Scrabble was invented by an undercover mystic...
Enter into an ark of contemplation and prayer and let the floods of life lift you high.
Join the authors for a fascinating discussion on Jewish words that have been mistranslated and misunderstood for centuries, and probe the big ideas and core values embedded in their etymology. A panel discussion with the authors moderated by Rabbi Moshe S...
Words have a life of their own; moreover, they embody permanence.
Yiddish is a beautiful language, replete with compliments, terms of endearment, and gentle wisdom. Here are our top 13 Yiddish words to use when you want to be nice.
“G‑d said . . . and there was . . . ” With no less than 10 statements, G‑d brought about our universe. Created in His likeness, we too have within us the ability to create and be creative. But with great power comes great responsibility. Perhaps Creation ...
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