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Kosher Signs

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Meet the Meat!
It's simple. If you want kosher meat, you go to a kosher butcher or maybe even find some in your supermarket's freezer section. But what IS kosher meat?
Signs of kosher animals teach us about serving G‑d.
Signs of kosher animals teach us about serving G‑d.
A taste of Shazak Parsha, where the weekly Torah portion comes alive! Geared for kids... Great for adults!
Jewish law forbids us from causing harm to animals. So how can we eat them? Whether you’re a vegan or a carnivore, there’s something for everyone in this second installment of Kosher Uncovered.
Practical Parshah—Shemini
The biblical criteria for determining which animals are kosher, and their practical application today.
Sanctification Below and Above
Sanctification Below and Above
The Torah provides two signs to determine which animals are kosher: split hooves and chewing the cud. What is their spiritual message?
Unlike mammals, the Torah does not specify signs to differentiate between kosher and non-kosher birds. The Torah (Deuteronomy 14:11-21) lists twenty-four types of forbidden fowl (eg. owl). All other fowl are assumed to be kosher (eg. chicken). The sages o...
There is the personal spiritual dimension of the kosher laws. The idea that some animals are kosher – which literally means "fit" and suitable – and others are not, tells us something about ourselves.
Episode XIX: High Shoes
If you want to walk on the earth, you need to stay a little bit above it.
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