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Deep revulsion, but a promising future
There are plenty of other animals that aren’t kosher either, but none of them arouse as much disgust as the pig. Why?
Is it permitted for a Jew to have a pet pig? Can a Jewish farmer raise pigs for business purposes, for sale to non-Jews?
A survey of the material in Jewish law regarding the future permissibility of pork during the Messianic era.
Question: It says in the Torah that one should not touch the carcasses of swine. Does this mean that we should not wear Hush Puppy shoes (made of pigskin) or play football or rugby with a ball made of pig skin? Answer: In short, there is no prohibition ag...
Question: I have type 2 diabetes, and I'm unable to control it adequately with oral medication, and thus require insulin injections. The products my doctor is suggesting are made either from human cadavers or porcine (pork) product. What should I do? Answ...
How and why did the pig become the ultimate symbol of Treif? Is this Mitzvah beyond human comprehension, or can you sink your teeth into the meat of this mystery? More importantly, was this succulent food always prohibited, and can it ever become Kosher?
Defeating evil incarnate is easier than challenging those who assume a patina of purity.
Why do Jews give the poor old pig such a hard time?
Pork is the meat of a pig, which is famous for being not kosher.
Both meanings of the Yiddish word chazer—“pig” and “review”—have their source in the Hebrew language.
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