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Kabbalat Ol ("acceptance of the yoke"; unequivocal commitment to G-d)

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Kabbalat Ol ("acceptance of the yoke"; unequivocal commitment to G-d): (lit. “acceptance of the yoke”); total submission and subordination to the will of G-d
Sometimes I wonder if the open-minded loyalists aren’t in truth closed minded. They cannot entertain the thought that the “old-schoolers” had anything right...
On Fighting Ice with Ice
How do we fight inner coldness? Well, the most obvious antidote to ice is heat. With enough heat you could melt a glacier. But there's another way...
A true story of a woman who made the will of G‑d, her own
"We were dealt a blow today," my wife said softly. "But I don't want to be angry at G‑d. I want to give praise to G‑d for giving you to me and me to you. As we enter the next chapter of our lives and we will not let bitterness or melancholy darken it."
Were we in some kind of enforced boot camp, being punished for some heinous crime? No, we were a group of middle class, suburban women who were here entirely on our own volition.
I find it difficult to motivate myself to pray properly. I just don't find myself in the mood. What do you suggest I do to get back in the game?
My father had lots of rules. Some of them I understood, and some of them I didn't understand
My head was spinning, reeling from hours of exerted concentration. We were a few hours into yet another knotty computer training session, necessary for my work here at This time it was my editor (and boss) at our headquarters in Brooklyn who w...
Labor Day has been around since 1882; after 129 years, perhaps it’s time to dust off the holiday, shine some light on it and figure out what it’s all about. Or, more importantly, what it can mean to us . . .
Who hasn't spent time lamenting their lost youth? Even my five-year-old son has been heard complaining that his kindergarten years are passing too quickly for him. Every day we waste is an opportunity squandered, every year that goes by without growth is ...
One day, Sara tried a different approach. "Honey," she said to her husband. "I know you this isn't the way you see it. But please, do it just for me!"
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