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Choice; Choosing

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Does G‑d play dice with the universe?
“The Chanukah thing,” he says, “I pretty much got down. It’s about rationalism. But what’s with Purim and the Persians?” “It’s just the opposite,” I answered. “It’s about chaos and the totally random.”
Stick Figure Vignette: Parshat Re’eh
A stick man has a decision to make.
They went out with a high hand: with "mirth and songs and with tambourine and harp."
They went out with a high hand: with "mirth and songs and with tambourine and harp."
When I became sick (diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia), I had a choice. I could cry and become depressed and spend a lot of time in bed, or I could live, really live . . .
Our purple house
I find myself reflecting on life’s choices, and wondering if I got what I always wanted...
They’d stumbled into a surreal and morbid nightmare, it seemed. A successful offensive, whether by land or sea, seemed fantastical—to everyone in the reconnaissance unit, that is, but Caleb and Joshua...
You feel it coming. The urge is there and you just can't stop yourself. Or can you?
How to help a child who can't make up her mind
The very act of deciding limits us; it strips us of the illusion of freedom we have when all options are open to us...
Reaching Beyond our Limits
I must imagine, however, that more than anyone else, this was most frightening for the pilot. The knowledge that not only was his own life in his hands, but the lives of over 150 others...
If you are a wise boss, you know that the way to get the most out of your employees is to make them feel in charge of their own destiny, steering their independent area of jurisdiction. Maybe you've even learned this trick of the trade from the Ultimate B...
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