Are you a boss? Do you have someone whom you supervise?

If you are a wise boss, you know that the way to get the most out of your employees is to make them feel some level of ownership. When your employees feel in charge of their own destiny, steering their independent area of jurisdiction, their full potential, devotion and responsibility will come to the fore. Creativity and productivity, on the other hand, is stifled by censorship and your underlings' lack of freedom to explore and develop their own initiatives.

Every successful boss realizes this. (And "bosses" aren't only found at work. At home they're usually called by the titles of "Mom" and "Dad"…or "Wife.")

A successful boss understands, as well, that the higher level of productivity and creativity is worth the inevitable errors, mess-ups and blunders that his employees are sure to make because of this freedom. True, an intuitive boss will sensitively keep a close watch, from afar, to ensure that the whole project will never be sacrificed due to any recklessness, lack of experience or unintentional errors. But he will also intervene in subtle ways, clandestinely putting things back in place and creating the right setting to steer the project back on track.

If he's really good, he'll be able to do this without his employees ever figuring it out. And definitely without them resenting it.

In our psychologically-attuned times, "empowering your employees" is the byword in the corporate world (--used by every self respecting, smart home-based boss too!). Every successful boss does this.

In fact, maybe these intuitive bosses learned this trick of the trade from the Ultimate Boss—the Boss of our world.

He, too, ensures that we're the master of our unique destinies, allowing us to develop our special talents and distinctive qualities to their fullest. He'll allow us mess ups and blunders, some of which may be quite costly. But if we're steering too far off course, He'll set the circumstances in place so that our projects eventually get back on track. He'll ensure that we never go too far off from the personal and universal missions of our world. The grand plan might be delayed or suspended, but it will never be entirely jeopardized.

And He usually does all that without us even realizing it.

Now that's what I call a wise boss.