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Tashlich: (lit. “You shall cast...”); riverside ritual of atonement on Rosh HaShanah
The reasons for the Tashlich custom, its history, and how it's done...
The text of the Tashlich prayer translated into English, accompanied by kabbalistic meditations.
On the first day of Rosh Hashanah we go to a body of water to recite the tashlich prayer, where we beseech G-d for mercy, atonement and a good new year.
The Prayer of Tashlich
Recited on the first afternoon of Rosh Hashanah near a body of water, preferably containing live fish; it expresses prayerful hope that G-d cast our sins into the murky depths of the sea and is rich in symbolic and mystical meaning.
Animated Comic Strip
Joey and his pals find themselves stranded underwater just as Rosh Hashanah is about to begin!
On Rosh Hashana, do we really cast our sins into the water?
On Rosh Hashana, do we really cast our sins into the water?
The Hebrew text of the Tashlich prayer, accompanied by kabbalistic meditations.
The Shofar - The long and short of it
How can the shofar be your personal wake up call? Are Apples and Honey a prescription for a sweet New Year? And will “Visiting the Pond” help you land newfound wisdom?
The Tashlich ritual has is origins in the very birth of Judaism . . .
On the first day of Rosh Hashanah, we go to a lake, river or to the sea, and recite the Tashlich prayers, where we symbolically cast our sins into the water...
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