Text of the Tashlich Prayer

On the first day of Rosh Hashanah (or on the second day if the first occurs on Shabbat), after the Minchah Prayer, before sunset, it is proper to go to a well or spring (that contains fish)—for water symbolizes kindness, and fish, an ever-open eye—and recite the Thirteen Divine Attributes of Mercy mentioned in the verses מי אל כמוך in which correspond to the thirteen Divine Attributes, יי יי אל רחום וגו'. While saying each attribute in the verses מי אל כמוך, keep in mind (but do not articulate) the corresponding attribute printed above it in small type. Then, recite the verses מן המצר וגו' which correspond to the nine attributes in the verse יי ארך וגו' (printed above it in small type).

Shake the corners of the tallit katan.