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An Essay On Parshat Beshalach
Man’s glory is his free will, for his ability to decide is a kind of act of G‑d. Man can use his free will to his own detriment, or as an expression of glory and dignity.
But do angels believe in us?
Los Angeles, 7 AM, at the curb, waiting for my Lyft.Lyft is a car service accessible by a mobile phone app. A jeep-thing pulls up, and I jump in. Doesn’t take long to realize this is no LA driver. We are weaving through traffic. We are being tough and mea...
He saw sticks turn into snakes. He didn't budge. He saw water turn into blood. Nothing... Hello, Pharaoh! Why don't you just give up?
The chassidic masters see a simple needle as a metaphor for our lives--and a means of finding guidance of how and when to be strong or soft.
My husband and his mother do not get along at all and she has decided that she will no longer be a part of our lives, including that of the children. She will not even return my 5-year-old's phone calls. What do I tell my kids when they ask where their gr...
The Rabbi sighed. "You don't know what a difficult time I've been having with the stubborn people here. Ever since I got back, they've been under the delusion that Shabbat is a day later, and I can't seem to convince them"
Determination, obstinacy and ambition are essential attitudes for striving to reach one’s spiritual goals. But if a good stiff neck is not tempered by humility, then it becomes very difficult to move one’s head.
London, England
I think of the Jewish people, my beautiful nation. Despite all those who want to do everything in their power to remove us from the world, these special souls—some so lost and so dispersed, in such small Jewish communities—remain true to our ancestors, tr...
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