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Coming to Terms with Getting Older
Aging is happening even as I type these words. I am ever so slowly, and sometimes more quickly, evolving into the “older” generation. These words, in print, sicken me. I am sixteen on the inside of my brain, but the rest of my body is screaming otherwise!
Consider "Jim." He is pounding the pavement looking for a job. Work is his deepest desire, so that's what drives him now. Or is it?
Advice to ministers, counselors and advisors: change your clothes
A Kabbalistic Study on Male and Female Energies
First tries are usually chaotic. Yet the Torah offers us different methods of capturing the chaotic energies of beginnings and turning them into productive and stable states that can be used over and over again.
"I got my way in the end," a friend of mine announced proudly. "He'll never start with me again. Aren't you happy for me?"
"We've been married for 14 years, the last 10 of which have been nothing but misery. It will never change!" I asked what they wanted to achieve with counseling. "We want a better future," came the instant reply
Imagine if everyone saw you as you really are, as you see yourself. And you looked at everyone else and saw them as they see themselves. Our world would be a very different place, wouldn't it?
"Maybe it's just a fuse," suggested my husband. Moments later, we discovered that it wasn't the fuse after all
When you’re able to “see” another person and revel in the positivity and unity it brings, it will automatically make you better, as well.
My cataract operation was like my own little Chanukah triumph—my personal victory of overcoming my anxiety, and my universe turning from darkness to light.
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