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Kiddush: (lit. “sanctification”); (a) blessing recited over a cup of wine expressing the sanctity of the Sabbath or of a festival; (b) refreshments served in the synagogue after the recital of Kiddush
Wine Before You Dine
Shabbat enters with words of wonder poured upon sweet wine. We call it Kiddush, a ritual of words and drink, a magical bridge from the harried weekday to the day of rest.
“Remember the Sabbath day to sanctify it” (Exodus 20:8). This verse is a Torah command to sanctify the Shabbat when it enters (Kiddush) and when it departs (Havdalah). The Sages instituted that this sanctification be accompanied by a cup of wine (or grape...
How to Make Kiddush
How to recite Kiddush at the beginning of the Shabbat evening meal.
The word “kiddush” has at least three meanings, each one built on the one before it. Let’s start at the beginning.
A series of fascinating reasons culled from more than 2 millennia of Jewish scholarship.
The Laws of Shabbat
Practical Halachah: Kiddush
Learn the laws and customs to properly perform the mitzvah of Kiddush on Shabbat, wherein we sanctify the holiest day of the week.
There was, though, one mitzvah that my grandpa cherished and upheld as far back as I can remember, and up until he became unable to stand: kiddush...
A detailed presentation of many of the halachot surrounding the mitzvah of Kiddush.
In the Friday night Kiddush we begin with the words “The sixth day”; why do we mention the 6th day when sanctifying the Shabbat, the seventh day? Join us to analyze the very essence of the ritual of Kiddush.
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