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Psychology & Behavior

Knowledge Base » Human Being, The » Psychology & Behavior
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Chutzpah (9)
Courage (44)
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Envy (12)
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Throughout our lives, we will all experience endless irritations, frustrations and losses. What makes the difference between those who stay down and those who pick themselves up and start rebuilding?
Actually there are two hearts: the outer heart, forever chasing whatever looks good to it and barking at whatever looks like a threat; and an inner heart, where the fire of the soul burns in serene simplicity
And are there Torah alternatives?
There are similarities between the Freudian model of the human psyche and that described by Rabbi Schneur Zalman in his Tanya. But there’s also a major difference with serious impact: where Freud sees the underlying force within man as his sexual drive, t...
Episode 2
An in depth look at real life stories and issues and how to resolve them the Torah way.
If life were a chessboard, would you be a pawn who can travel only in one direction?
The Tiger, the Elephant, and the Kabbalah of Transformation
Are you you smart, stupid, graceful, clumsy, bold, wimpy, articulate, shy? Whatever your answers, they will limit and define you as certainly as if they were a cage made out of concrete and steel
According to the ancient mystics, all actions of man -- indeed all workings of creation -- derive from two general forces: love and awe. More specifically, there is "lower awe", "lower love", "higher love", and "higher awe" -- in that order
Pleasure, you would think, should be a very simple thing. It is, but only if you stop to think.
Parshat Terumah
Why should I act in a way that contradicts my true feelings? Should I present a façade of calmness even when I really want to lash out in anger?
Exploring Rashi’s commentary on the motive for Pinchas’ zealous behaviour
The Torah’s description of Pinchas’ lineage as explained in Rashi, offers insight into human psychology and how intricate our personal defence mechanisms really are.
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