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Computer Games

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A simple answer to an old question.
You're right, it shouldn't work that way. The world was not designed this way. The plain truth is: They've hacked the system
Could the universe be a simulation?
Unpredictable + Self-Conscious = Free Choice. Bingo, we have a formula for free-choice figments!
Learning Kabbalistic truths from simulation games
If you’re G-d, you can surprise even yourself
I pointed to a short-cut. "Why don't you steer the car that way?" Twisting the joystick, he showed me: "See, it doesn't let me go off track"
How an obsessed gamer taught me the meaning of life.
“And just how,” I asked Dave, “would you render your characters unpredictable? Whatever random functions you write, at the end of the day, you have control.”
Can Nintendo save the world?
It’s confirmed. Nintendo has Kabbalists designing their games.
Cameron Cohen
Meet a boy who uses his technological talents and business skills to give back to those in need
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