It’s confirmed. Nintendo has Kabbalists designing their games.

Game designers create worlds. I know because I taught game design in a school funded by Nintendo back in the ’90s.“Whatever you see or hear in this world is a lesson in your mission in life.”—Baal Shem Tov Studying and teaching their craft, I came to fathom the depth of the hidden knowledge of the cosmos.

And now, it’s out of the box. As any Kabbalist will tell you, the ultimate secret of the universe is the secret of the hidden sparks. They are all around us. Our souls came into this world and entered bodies as avatars to find and rescue these sparks. Some require coaxing, some require struggle, some just some specific activity.

How do you detect these sparks? How do you know how to rescue them?

Only because you have a device, namely Torah, that leads you to them and signals their presence. And then this Torah tells you what’s needed to release that spark and reconnect it with its origin, the origin of all sparks, where they are all one.

The Kabbalists at Nintendo get all that.Life is all about finding and liberating the hidden spark of meaning within each thing. They designed their game accordingly. They allowed us all a glimpse of a deeper reality, where a hidden world lies beneath the apparent world. They gave us a tool to imagine the world of the future, when those two worlds will merge. But there’s an essential element they left out.

The activities we do to rescue these sparks also liberate and fix up the world. In truth, that’s all those sparks are—the inner meaning and purpose of each thing. As we rescue all those sparks, the entire world comes to discover its meaning, until it sings its song in harmony.

So here’s the challenge for Nintendo. Will they take the next step? Will they provide meaningful activities for those who find a poké wherever they find it?

Like treating someone to a cup of coffee. Helping out a homeless veteran with a dollar and a few kind words. Or helping someone’s elderly mother with her shopping. Learning some words of wisdom. Or just sitting there to appreciate the awesomeness of this creation we stand within. And with that, their poké will truly find itsWith one small tweak, Pokémon GO could change the world. meaning.

Will Nintendo come to understand the power they have to better our world? Because, as any Kabbalist will tell you, if they wield that power wisely, it will be a very different world.