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Mind (1,127)
Put your hand on the back of your head. In Hebrew, this area is called the oref, it is where our reptilian brain resides...
If a workout doesn’t stretch, doesn’t burn, it isn’t working. It isn’t supposed to cause pain, but you definitely have to break a sweat!
A fundamental principle of the Jewish faith is that there are no “intermediaries” between G‑d and His world; our relationship with Him is not facilitated by any third party. So what is the role of a rabbi, a rebbe—indeed, a Moses—in Judaism?
The hemispheres of the brain correspond to chochma and bina
The hemispheres of the brain correspond to chochma and bina
Once you get inside the brain, you can do just about anything. You can waken memories, restore lapsed talents, alleviate fears, magnify joys, abolish prejudices, stimulate interest and charge up motivation. You can basically re-program you life -- at leas...
Revisiting the nature of consciousness in light of the Rebbe’s teachings (in preparation to the anniversary of passing).
How we can access the source of life (Tanya ch.52)
Discover how infinity sneaks into the finite world.
Are you ready for an entirely different year?
Rabbi Steinsaltz delves into the relationship between the mind and the body. He compares it to the relationship between a fiddler and a fiddle. Arguing that the brain is the mechanical "vehicle" that does the thinking associated with the mind, suggesting ...
Remember everything may be possible, but is it beneficial?
How exactly memory works remains mysterious. But many people wish they could enhance their recall or sometimes delete painful memories. Science continues to develop new and better ways to manipulate memory. Whether this is beneficial or ethical is an open...
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