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Just when we got to the least amount of light of the entire year, it all turned around and started moving upwards. And all those small changes soon enough add up to significant changes...
Do you view our world as a place of cumbersome burdens or a place of magical opportunities?
According to Rabbi Judah (cited in the Talmud, Bava Metzia 106b), Tevet 29 marks the end of winter. (As per Genesis 8:22, the year consists of six 2-month "seasons": seedtime, harvest, cold, heat, summer and winter.)
As per the Talmud, the month of Kislev marks the onset of the winter season in the Holy Land and is the third month of the "Season of the Rains." Link: Winter
Occasionally, we open the unused drawers in the back of my youngest son's closet to look at these relics from a distant past...
10th of Tevet
If a cold and dark world mutes the light of G‑d and dulls our minds and hearts, it only accentuates the most basic and essential element of our relationship: the bond between the physical self of man and the quintessential being of G‑d.
The calendar is more than a measure of time; it is a cycle that charts our inner life and our relationship with our Creator.
The Month of Kislev and the Power of Light
Parents who work over winter break send kids to Chabad, to the children’s delight
The other day, Ashley Abramson suggested that her sons—Max, 10, and Jack, almost 12—spend their winter break relaxing at home. After all, their dad, Bryan, was going to be on vacation as well, and the boys had been working really hard these last few weeks...
The connection between Dec. 5 or 6 and Vetein Tal Umatar Livrachah
Why does this specific prayer depend on a secular date rather than a Jewish one?
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