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Existence; Reality

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I think G-d is also agnostic. He sits there perpetually wondering whether He exists or does not exist. Out of His questioning, a whole world is generated--with beings like us that go around asking, "Is this for real, or what?"
How deep can Talmud go?
Quantum logic helps explain a halachic ruling of Maimonides, a puzzling story of the Talmud, a Midrash about the splitting of the Sea of Reeds, and a rabbinic teaching about the relationship between Torah and existence.
As the police arrived, a scream was heard. The guns were already drawn and the shooting began. A loud siren rang. The teacher yelled, “Back into class! You can play more cops and robbers at lunchtime!” “It’s a cut!” shouted the director. The weary crew wh...
The Worship of Entitlement
Do we deserve to be here? Or is our existence an unearned gift? A sense of entitlement is the idolatrous notion that "If I exist, then I must be important."
Negotiating Between Faith and Reason
It is hard work to reconcile—in one’s own mind and heart—belief in an omnipotent Creator with all of the information one acquires from the secular fields of wisdom. It is even more challenging to communicate that fusion to others—friends, family, colleagu...
Leave a message in my inbox, send me a virtual holiday card, graffiti my wall. Flip through my photo albums for your entertainment and, should you still feel bored, my journal is available for midday reading. We seem to wear our persona on our screens, le...
Again, he is alone. Again, he trudges through the desert, through the white sand, hoping to find something, something outside of himself before he goes insane. Something to save him.
All the experiences I've gone through, from every time I've exercised, to the wedding, to my class in the Old City have all been metaphors. They are channels to Truth.
We are living in the world of the screen. A world where reality is filtered, fiddled with, and finally repackaged as a product all its own.
A casino is a carnival of human emotion. A palace of dreams made and shattered. And I was there. I was about to join in.
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