Look around you. How many screens are in this room alone? Your computer, your cell phone. Anything else? How many in your house?

We are living in the world of the screen. A world where reality is filtered, fiddled with, and finally repackaged as a product all its own.

Screens are even starting to appear within screens. We can now watch television in our computers. We can look at photos on our phones. With each development, with each move forward, we are getting more and more distant from our own reality.

And so it is in the spiritual world.

Reach out. Touch. What you feel... is it real? What you touch... are you truly feeling it? Reach inwards. Touch yourself. Do you feel yourself? All your dreams, aspirations and emotions? Or do you just feel this fleshy thing with bones inside?

We are seeing the world through a screen. A screen behind many other screens. Some of the screens are the way people tell us to look at the world. Some screens are our addictions. What it all comes down to, though, is that we live in a physical world, a world where the spiritual is not obvious. We must dig our way towards reality.

Have you ever watched a movie you were so engrossed in that the movie theater around you seemed to disappear? Have you ever listened to a song and stopped paying attention to the lyrics and the individual instruments because what you were listening to was so perfect? This feeling of semi-spiritual euphoria is something we can spread out to the rest of our lives if we simply realize how to break through.

The important thing to realize is that those screens are just constructs of our imagination. And just as they were created out of nothing, so can we crush them with each moment that we live. All we need to do is reach within, into our essence, and the screens will begin to dissolve.

I hope that you and I can brave this journey together. That we'll break through all the screens that hold us back from seeing the beauty of the world in its true magnificence. Until we can see G‑d's infinity revealed in every detail and every moment of our existence.

I'm excited... aren't you?