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Rachel: (a) (? - 1553 BCE) Fourth of the four Matriarchs. Second daughter of Laban; second – but favored – wife of Jacob. Originally childless, she eventually gave birth to Joseph and Benjamin, but died in the course of her second childbirth. Buried in Rachel’s Tomb near Bethlehem. (b) A common Jewish name.
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Rachel is one of the four mothers of the Jewish people. How much do you know about her?
Much like salmon, my sister and I live in constant fear of being snatched by a grizzly bear. In our case, that would be my father.
A mother is forever; even after leaving this world, the connection and bond remains.
Inspiring Jewish Heroines
The Jewish mother is endeared for her qualities of compassion, selflessness and devotion. What is it about our matriarch Rachel that exemplifies even more of these character traits?
A Taste of Text—Vayechi
Can we look beyond the faults or inadequacies of another to envision what our matriarch saw?
A Taste of Text—Vayeitzei
There are some moments in our lives when we are at peace with our inner, spiritual selves. The majority of our experiences are strenuous, often painful, and challenge us to overcome the negative urges of our psyche.
Rachel weeps for her children
We all hope and pray for a biological mother (in addition to Rachel) who will protect and nurture us. Everyone deserves as much. But even when blessed with a healthy mother, we must always remember that all of us live in a form of “spiritual exile,” in ne...
Jewish women (myself included) are notorious for advertising their martyrdom...
. . . but why he had to marry also Leah
Leah’s soul stemmed from the world of thought; Rachel’s, from the world of speech. Leah was introspective, a master of meditation. Rachel was a communicator, charismatic and appealing.
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