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Why doing business with money is the ultimate spiritual endeavor
Meditation, prayer, mindful eating—those are good. But nothing beats the spiritual transformation that can be accomplished by doing business like a mentch.
Rethinking capitalism, OWS and 7B
Maybe the whole problem with capitalism is the script we're writing for it. Maybe if we rewrote that script, the same forces that are messing up the world would be fixing it instead...
Commerce and the need for needing one another
It turns out that the greatest need of all is not to be needed, but to need others.
The first question the heavenly court asks upon your return home: “Did you do business with integrity?” For that is when you truly fixed up this world.
Moses was not (only) telling the Jewish nation how to observe the Sabbath, rather he was teaching them how observe Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
This is the same courageous Jacob who was willing to stand up to murderous Esau and claim the blessings that were rightfully his. Even he was afraid to venture into uncharted grounds of immorality and sin; he hesitated at the thought of raising a family i...
We often find ourselves inundated with worldly concerns. Are we then spiritually lost? Can the Divine sensibilities of our souls survive the onslaught of "the real world"?
The predictable stereotypes involving Jews and money are popping up all over: that Jewish tradition allows dishonesty as long as people live otherwise pious lives. Nothing could be further from the truth...
When I reflect on myself and my role in the world, the word 'merchant' doesn't come to mind. But in a way, life itself is about 'Divine Commerce.'
A Rebbe has mastered his personal mission. He then turns his attention to infusing the undercapitalized startups of the generation, pumping spiritual capital into the corner stores...
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