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The Simplicity of Hoshana Rabbah
The tree gives no fruit and the leaves give off no fragrance. Yet it is precisely in that “blandness” of being that we recognize the presence of something beyond. The willow’s minimalism is indicative of the inner point of the Jewish soul which is indivis...
We disconnect in more ways than one, which allows us to reconnect in the deepest of ways. And we once again learn what it means to fill a day without distraction . . .
What is the difference between spirituality and spiritualism?
She smiled brightly at me. Her smile was contagious. She couldn't contain her excitement anymore and I put down my book to listen...
The word tamim has appeared on numerous occasions in the Torah up to this point, and its translation is always "perfect." Why, then, did Rashi veer from this interpretation and translate it as complete?
The simple faith of a sophisticated man has more dimensions and a richer texture . . .
The Baal Shem Tov was once shown from heaven that a certain simple man called Moshe the Shepherd served G‑d, blessed be He, better than he did . . .
The Rebbe, sadly, never had any children. Yet they were so important to him. To the Rebbe, children were important not just for what they would become, but also for what they are in the present tense. He ascribed to their prayers and their good deeds trem...
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