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I remember those moments, sitting there on my daddy’s lap watching the thumbnail marks gradually spreading over the page. That piece of time is crystallized in my memory. I can still replay the fascination with the idea that those thumbnail marks were cre...
When our time on earth winds down, our focus naturally turns to the next generation, the children, who depend on our wisdom and life experience.
One of the ways that we cope with loss is to try to ensure that the memory of our loved ones does not fade.
What about the bond between the bereaved and the departed loved one? Has that bond been severed?
The great purpose in physical life
What is the true living legacy a person leaves after passing on? Learn how the righteous continue to live on and have tremendous impact on this physical world.
Mikvah, Torah, and Tea
Rashi Minkowicz, a dynamic young woman and mother of eight kids, was the co-director of the Chabad center in Alpharetta, Georgia when she unexpected passed away in 2014, yet she continues to inspire countless lives. Her aunt Shaindy Jacobson warmly reflec...
What the Living Can Do for the Departed
Discover how we can assist, bring comfort, and form a living legacy for those we hold dear that passed on.
It’s the busiest stage of life, and the easiest time to neglect one’s spirituality. But can we really afford to wait until life slows down?
Reflections on My Mother's Yahrtzeit
The doctors and nurses began referring to her as the Miracle Woman, so taken by her history of withstanding so many battles one after another. It struck me how tenacious her grip on life was, how unwilling she was to surrender against all odds...
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