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Harmony (14)
How the Rebbe empowered each of us to prevent war and bring world peace
A little more love and caring between you and another Jew will generate more compassion and empathy in the entire world.
Shalom Rabbi, The cold-blooded murder of the rabbi and his wife in Mumbai is a disgrace. As a Muslim, I am ashamed of such actions done by ignorant idiots in the name of Islam. I challenge any and all of them to show evidence from the Quran or the Prophet...
No sinning is good, but sins against our own neighbors are the worst.
A Practical Guide
How do we learn to cultivate a "peaceful spirit" so that we may remain tranquil in the face of stress? A practical look at the great spiritual virtue of being calm.
Two radically different sounds
Sleep eluded me. My thoughts turned to a twelve-year old girl in Israel, and what she found in the middle of the night....
Whenever Jacob experienced spiritual serenity, he was qualified to be called Israel.
Whenever Jacob experienced spiritual serenity, he was qualified to be called Israel.
The clouds represented everything that Aaron stood for—millions of people can be shielded by the same cloud, unlike food or water that can’t be shared by even two people simultaneously. Like the clouds, Aaron protected and cherished everyone equally...
I would set you up with so many men, women and children who have lost their direction in life. Maybe you would be able to touch the hearts of those who have fallen off the beaten path, and bring our lost children home...
Three heads are better than two. A lot better. Two is antinomy, three is on a cloud. Join us as Feivel and Miri discover their cloud hidden in the secrets of the mother-letter, that shining letter of Shalom, the Shin.
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