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Conflict Resolution

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How to resolve conflict while improving yourself.
In this course, we will cover strife, personal weakness, the human condition, and the daily battles that rage between our G-dly soul and our animal soul. You will discover that not all conflict is bad; on the contrary, it can be channeled into a greater g...
Turn confrontation into friendship
Return bullets with flowers. Lie low. Ponder what you like about this person. And then defuse the whole situation with a smile.
I am constantly feeling undervalued and unappreciated at my job. I have a great position with a lot of freedom, which intellectually would seem to suggest that they are happy with me and my work. Yet continuously I feel that I am being marginalized and un...
“So, what then? We should sit back, do nothing . . . and watch him slowly kill himself?” “No. I’m just saying maybe there’s a better way to reach him . . .”
Chavi and her husband were dumbstruck. They had realized that the unit was positioned outside, over her garden, but it had never occurred to them that it might disturb her . . .
My decisiveness has been a real blessing. My instincts are pretty great. But my prejudices, narrowmindedness, laziness and fear stand in the way of recognizing new opportunities...
We are united by a singular cause: to feel good and look good. People walk in with all types of garb that hides their overweight body parts. But once they change into gym clothes, there is nothing to hide and no one is judging one other. We’re all in the ...
Parents usually parent in the style that they do, not because that's what's good for their kids, but rather because that is what is suitable to them, the parents, in the moment. Let's be honest here. The way that we react to our kids has more to do with u...
I just received an invitation from my friend to her son's Bar Mitzvah. Unfortunately, a few years ago, we had a bad fall out. Should I go?
Every week the same scenario plays out at our family game night. My ten-year-old daughter starts up with her siblings and when we say something she gets very upset. I mean she throws a tantrum and says some variation of us not loving her. Nothing we do se...
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