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Bukiet, R. Chaim Meir

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A son’s torment at leaving his parents behind during World War II
His parents had been painfully trying to reach him the entire time he was in Shanghai . . . For months upon months, they had not been able to make contact with him. Had he made the right decision to depart from them? What ever happened to them? Would he e...
Why is such a strong emphasis placed on telling the Passover story? Couldn’t we simply sit around the table, relax, lean back in our chairs, and enjoy our current state of freedom?
The common answer is that the questions are asked to involve the children. But why couldn’t this custom to involve the kids be done during another holiday?
I am a wicked person, he's declaring. I enjoy food, I live in order to indulge in the pleasures of the world. It makes perfect sense for me to be a part of this grand feast... but what does it have to do with you guys?
We all have something to say about what everyone else is up to. We are quick to criticize and rebuke our friends, neighbors, educators, and leaders...
This time I know what the situation is. I understand today that which I did not understand years ago. As I board the plane, my dear grandmother is in the hospital, surrounded by her children...
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