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Why did G‑d instruct that the lesser materials of silver and copper also be used in the Mishkan's construction? Surely pure gold would have looked much more spectacular...
This week: We read about the different kinds of metal that were used in the building of the Tabernacle and what we could learn from the inclusion of even cheap metals, like copper
For us "copper" folks, occasionally well-intentioned but dragged down by the weaknesses of the flesh... how tempting to concede in despair and leave the building of G-d's sanctuary to the spiritually successful "gold" and "silver..."!
From the Teachings of the Rebbe
Jachin and Boaz were the great pillars of copper that were at the entrance of the Holy Temple.
Parsha Terumah
"Make for me a sanctuary" (Exodus 25:8) was first stated when the Jews built a portable sanctuary in the wilderness. This building was to be made from three metals: gold, silver, and copper. How do these three metals correspond to three levels of spiritua...
Chapter 25 [3] Gold, silver, and copper: Although gold surpasses silver in its intrinsic value, silver is the metal of choice for use as currency. The very fact that silver is not as rare as gold makes it more suited for daily purposes, and in this respec...
This class explains the need for the three types of metals of gold, silver and copper in the mishkan and the three opinions on when it was constructed.
Moses was uncomfortable accepting these mirrors, because they were seemingly used for the bidding of the evil inclination.
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