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A Taste of Text—Ki Tavo
In the myriad responsibilities of the daily grind, realize what most important to you and give it precedence.
Do we take enough time to look into our child’s eyes, to touch their hand, to really talk? “In one minute, when I finish this phone call.” “Let me just clean up and I’ll be right with you.” The problem is that “one minute” is never just one minute, and th...
Alas, it seems that there are times in life where we simply fail to ask ourselves, “How are things with me?” Perhaps it is the passage of time and the business of the moment, or perhaps we may not be keen on hearing our own answer...
Sure, it's essential to a focus on your priorities. But life is fluid and full of curves–changes, stages, and junctures. Take spirituality and connecting to G‑d. I would call that a real "big rock"...
My week is packed with work, family commitments, fitness, a little socializing and time to relax. I don't see where I can fit in spiritual activities. I don't want to burn out, do I?
If only I could be locked away in a cell with no distractions and no excuses, can you imagine how much I would accomplish?
Precious as Jewish education is, they'd just enrolled their children in the local public school. The cost was just too great, and in the economic crunch, sacrifices had to be made.
When Rosh Hashanah approaches, our inner critic tends to get louder. "What did you actually do this year? Was it a productive year? Was it a complete waste?"
The "singles" phenomenon is arguably the single biggest social problem in the Jewish world today. We could well take a cue from the first Jewish father who needed to find a shidduch for his son - Abraham
Ki Tavo
Naomi is married to a very busy, goal-oriented individual. She often laments how due to his overloaded schedule, they rarely spend quality time with each other . . .
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