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In Judaism, spiritual purity is a desirable factor. This has nothing to do with hygiene and personal cleanliness; it is a spiritual state called taharah—what we will call “purity.” The opposite of taharah is tumah, which we call “impurity.” But the truth ...
Living Waters
Niddah is the period following menstruation, when a Jewish couple separates. After the wife has immersed in the mikvah, they come together again.
The laws of marital relations create a context for spiritual development
The laws of marital relations create a context for spiritual development
We cannot logically understand the Divine laws of niddah and Family Purity, but we can try to understand them spiritually.
The year is the same, the days are the same, but the months are different. It is a time quite individual—created by G‑d especially for me . . .
Everything you wanted to know about Mikvah but didn't know to ask.
Miriam was about to run some errands and pick up her youngest child from school, a fourteen-year-old daughter, but suddenly felt her cheeks burning, and a warmth that flashed throughout her entire body like lighting...
Question: I've read that one of the reasons behind the mitzvah of Family Purity is to prevent apathy from creeping into a marriage—the monthly period of separation constantly infusing renewed passion into the relationship. But what happens when a woman go...
As per Family Purity guidelines, after menstruation, husband and wife abstain from marital relations until the woman goes to a mikvah. This brings G‑d into a marriage. By following G‑d's commandments – and not simply "doing what comes naturally" whenever ...
Truth be told, I wasn't convinced. I couldn't relate to abstinence, I didn't understand the association of menstruation and impurity. I approached the experience like an anthropologist...
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