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Gmail has recently introduced a new feature called "Mail Goggles." Google hopes that this new test-phase feature will save its users "angst" in preventing email regret.
Someone's Watching You
Celebrities have this problem all the time. They can never do anything 'off the record.'
A Chabad-Lubavitch emissary brings Silicon Valley Jews together
App developers gathered in San Francisco recently for Facebook’s annual F8 conference. Culled from the technology and digital media elite, they came to explore the latest announcements from the tech giant. When Seth Rosenberg, product manager for Facebook...
If you use Gmail, you might have started using the new inbox that has a special tab for “promotional” email. If so, some of your regular Chabad.org emails might be landing in your promotional tab instead of the primary tab. Here is how to get Chabad.org’s...
The more I think I control, the less I am in control.
My good buddy, Mendy Goodman is currently roving in Romania. Now that you mention it, it's even cooler to write roaming in Romania… He does not have internet access, so he was unable to post on the blog. (It's okay Mendy, I'm still your friend.) He did, h...
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