My good buddy, Mendy Goodman is currently roving in Romania. Now that you mention it, it's even cooler to write roaming in Romania…

He does not have internet access, so he was unable to post on the blog. (It's okay Mendy, I'm still your friend.) He did, however, call me on the phone to tell me something which made my day. At the moment I am floating somewhere above my desk in euphoric jubilation.

He is currently in a town called Arad. There are two young guys there who are the pillars of the tiny, mostly elderly, Jewish community. One of them is especially well versed in Judaism and Chassidic thought. He even studies Tanya daily! My buddy asked him where he got his Jewish education.

His response was…!

He had been googling for an online Chumash with Rashi, bumped into and has been hooked ever since.

Three cheers for the home team!

Shabbat Shalom!