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Schmaltz (1)
I was forced to internalize the truth that had been coated with ice cream and couch potato for too long . . .
It turns out that you're stuck with the number of fat cells you have acquired by about age twenty. Even extreme weight-loss strategies do not reduce that number. Spiritually, we're built that way too...
I had no idea what I was doing to myself until one day I remember my mother crying to me, “Bubbie and Zadie (Grandmother and Grandfather) were starved in a concentration camp for their granddaughter to starve herself?”
When I was sixteen, I went to Israel for two months and gained about twenty pounds. I had been thin, even skinny, my whole life and never gave my weight a second thought...
Why, if a person sinned and wished to make atonement, or he was just in a generous mood and wished to offer something to G‑d, does he sacrifice an innocent animal? Why doesn’t he sacrifice himself, for example?
It wasn’t always this way. Until relatively recently, fat was considered a delicacy.
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