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Lighten Up Your Mind
A Jew is always studying Torah—24/7/365. We take breaks to eat, sleep, pray, make a living and reenergize. The remainder of the time we connect to G-d through studying His wisdom.
Learning Torah
Other studies are means to gain knowledge. Learning Torah is an end in itself. It's the experience of asking questions, searching for answers, getting in synch with the minds of the sages -- the experience of making contact with the Divine Intellect
40 essays, stories, meditations and readings, each offering a glimpse into something the Torah says about itself and its place in our lives
Torah study occupies a central place in Jewish life, but how much do we really know about this activity?
Imagine Albert Einstein walking down the street and dropping a pen. As he bends down to pick it up, the unfortunate occurs. His pants split. He heads back home, and mends the pants...
Merging the Finite and the Infinite
The Absurdity of a Quarantined Simchat Torah
And now we arrive at the point where Jewish practice attains the apex of a rich and beautiful theater of the absurd. This Simchat Torah, a Jew will take a book off the shelf, kiss it, dance with it, jump, twirl and holler with it. Alone. Rabbi Adin Even-I...
The Rebbe urged all Jews to do the mitzvah of daily Torah study. Why is learning Torah so important for all stripes of Jews, even for those who aren’t necessarily intellectually inclined?
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